The World’s Saddest Song

by haris on August 8, 2012

Ostavljen sam već odavno (Eng: ‘For a long time now I’ve been abandoned’)

Music and performance by Muhamed Mešanović – Hamić
Lyrics by Zaim Imamović
Translated from the original Bosnian to English by Haris Kriještorac

Ostavljen sam već odavno
Bez ljubavi, bez sjaja
Život mi je mutna sjena
Jer mi drage više nema

Tužan mi je svaki časa
Tuga će me umoriti
Zanavjek će ukopana
Prva ljubav moja biti

Povuć’ ću se u samoću
Da mi utjehi mira nađe
Pa utjehe ako ne bi
Svoj ću život uzet sebi

For a long time now I’ve been abandoned
Without love, without joy
My life is a hazy shadow
Since my beloved is no longer here

I live every hour in sadness
My grief will tire me out
For my first love
Will forever be buried

I will withdraw into solitude
So my sorrows can find peace
But if they don’t find it
I will take my own life


Express Yourself By Creating

by haris on July 25, 2012

Individualism and the desire to express yourself is ingrained in the contemporary human condition. However, our consumer driven culture teaches us to express ourselves through only consumption. The clothes we wear, the bands we like, and the books we read are considered key components to our identity.

Expressing yourself through consumption gives you a false sense of individuality. To be truly progressive and open minded you need to do more than show an affinity for the brands that are associated with the progressive end of the mainstream domain of thought.

One of the characteristics of an artist is that he or she has the desire to step outside of this domain of mainstream thinking. One of the appeals of creating art is that it gives you the opportunity to express yourself be creating, instead of by consuming. In fact, it encourages you to do so. As our culture becomes increasingly consumption-oriented, art will help us find our true individuality more and more.


Art is an Abstraction

July 2, 2012
Thumbnail image for Art is an Abstraction

Art is a form of communication. But what is unique about art as opposed to other communication channels? What are the advantages of expressing yourself through art, as opposed to doing so through some other form? If you have something to say, why not just say it? What kinds of things are better expressed through art? [...]

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Artist, Composer, Instrumentalist

June 21, 2012

Which one(s) are you? Musicians make their careers out of being any of of the three, some combination thereof, or even all three simultaneously. The punk genre is driven by its artistic statement. It even goes so far as to disregard composition and musicianship. Part of the art itself is that ‘anyone can do it’, [...]

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Good Music Transcends Genre and Medium

June 19, 2012

Music is particularly powerful if it can be envisioned within a different genre, or even a different artistic medium altogether. One of the reasons people enjoy Christopher O’Riley’s playing  is because he strips good rock compositions into minimal solo piano pieces.  While listening to him perform, you come to appreciate the composition itself. You realize that there was something more [...]

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The 9 beat cycle (Matta Taal)

June 7, 2012
Matta taal

Over the past couple of years, being part of Mid 2 The East, I have learned to appreciate the obvious gradient in music style from India, all the way to Eastern Europe and beyond. Having listened to Hindustani Classical music for most of my life (disclaimer: I have never professionally learned it), being exposed to some [...]

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