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Dusk | 4:25

And so begins our journey, through the night, travelling the paths less traveled.

Inverted Pyramid | 14:52

Our first composition, and the one that defined our sound. Balkan melodies fuse with a driving tabla rhythm, resulting in a  riveting extended jam session. | Watch a sample performance |

Vital Chain | 6:03

A tribute to the folk dances of the Black Sea. Backed relentlessly by a twisted 11/16 Rudra taal  rhythm from the Indian subcontinent.

Floating Oasis | 4:38

From chaos into serenity, we begin to drift over the river valleys. | Listen to the single |

Bridges of Isfahan | 11:09

As romantic poets sit on the banks of the Zayandeh, we pay tribute through universal language of music. | Watch a live clip |

Camel Caravan | 6:44

Our journey frantically nears its end, as we approach the dawn in our camel caravan.  | Listen to the single | Watch a live performance |

Dawn | 1:37 

The final release into the dawn of a new era.

All compositions by (H.Krijestorac / A.J. Singh)
Haris Krijestorac – Electric Guitar, bass guitar on ‘Floating Oasis’
Ayman J Singh – Tabla, anklets on ‘Camel Caravan’