Artist, Composer, Instrumentalist

by haris on June 21, 2012

Which one(s) are you? Musicians make their careers out of being any of of the three, some combination thereof, or even all three simultaneously.

The punk genre is driven by its artistic statement. It even goes so far as to disregard composition and musicianship. Part of the art itself is that ‘anyone can do it’, meaning that technical skills like composition and playing your instrument well are unnecessary. Regardless of how highly you regard the artistry of the punk genre, it does thrive as a genre due to its artistic aspect.

The world of classical music, on the other hand, is roughly divided into composers and performers. Classical musicians usually pick one of those two directions and focus intensely on it. If Penderecki focused more on his piano playing, he might not have be regarded as one of the most innovative classical composers of today.

Of course, none of these elements exist alone, and there is always a balance. The emotion that Itzhak Perlman puts into his violin playing is an art itself, making him more than just a performer. Nevertheless, musicians should be aware of the relative balance between their artistic, creative, and performance abilities. They should also nurture these talents accordingly. They can always surround themselves with musicians who can complement their own abilities.

For me and Mid 2 The East, all three have always been important. We try to create moving compositions, backed by decent musicians playing relatively complicated music, all packaged in what we see as an artistic statement worth making. There is nothing wrong with doing things otherwise, but this is how it naturally turned out for us.

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