Express Yourself By Creating

by haris on July 25, 2012

Individualism and the desire to express yourself is ingrained in the contemporary human condition. However, our consumer driven culture teaches us to express ourselves through only consumption. The clothes we wear, the bands we like, and the books we read are considered key components to our identity.

Expressing yourself through consumption gives you a false sense of individuality. To be truly progressive and open minded you need to do more than show an affinity for the brands that are associated with the progressive end of the mainstream domain of thought.

One of the characteristics of an artist is that he or she has the desire to step outside of this domain of mainstream thinking. One of the appeals of creating art is that it gives you the opportunity to express yourself be creating, instead of by consuming. In fact, it encourages you to do so. As our culture becomes increasingly consumption-oriented, art will help us find our true individuality more and more.

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