Good Music Transcends Genre and Medium

by haris on June 19, 2012

Music is particularly powerful if it can be envisioned within a different genre, or even a different artistic medium altogether.

One of the reasons people enjoy Christopher O’Riley’s playing  is because he strips good rock compositions into minimal solo piano pieces.  While listening to him perform, you come to appreciate the composition itself. You realize that there was something more to that song you liked than its original execution. I’ve often envisioned Mid 2 The East pieces in a classical symphonic format rather than in our usual electric guitar and tabla arrangements (calling all low-budget orchestras!).

Good art in general can also be thought of as transcending medium. A good song conjures up stories, visuals, even smells. A great painting can conjure up a symphony.

As Keith Jarrett once remarked, saying that music comes from music is like saying that babies come from babies. Music is not inspired by other music, it is inspired by life. As music is more directly inspired by ideas and emotions, it reaches a higher artistic level.

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