About The Band

Mid 2 The East is a duet consisting of electric guitar and tabla. We play original compositions inspired by the folk traditions of India, the Balkans, and everything in between.

In contrast with the typically ‘local’ associations with folk music, we try to create a new sort of folk tradition that reflects the increasingly global nature of the world around us.

Mid 2 the East consists of Haris Krijestorac and Ayman J Singh.

Haris Krijestorac | Electric Guitar

Haris was born and resides in New York City. He grew up on Yugoslavian folk and rock records, one only things his parents brought when they emigrated.

His adolescent discovery of jazz would inspire him to learn the electric guitar. He received formal training in performance and theory from the NYC-based jazz guitarist and composer Scott Dubois.

Haris eventually began focusing on composition, which sparked his personal renaissance in his folk-oriented roots, such as Sevdalinke and Macedonian folk music. He applied the electric guitar in a unique setting by playing in a Turkish music ensemble led by Ahmet Erdoğdular, the world’s foremost performer of Ottoman classical music.

Ayman J Singh | Tabla

Ayman was born in Kuwait and resides in Seattle. He grew up listening to and performing traditional Sikh kirtan; and surrounded by lovers of Punjabi and Urdu Sufi poetry. He has experimented with many musical styles and instruments such as tabla and harmonium. Taught tabla by family and friends, Ayman has been playing it for most of his life.

Early in his life, Ayman was heavily influenced by the musicians in his extended family — Harkamal Singh and Jagroop Singh — who themselves were students of Hindustani Classical music. Complementing those ustads were mastros such as like Zakir Hussain, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and A R Rahman.